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Friday, October 22, 2010

Nuclear Fallout, Bugs, Thugs and Glithes: 24hrs with Fallout: New Vegas

24hrs later, Fallout: New Vegas"America's first choice in Nuclear Simulation" for PS3 has made some positive strives over it's predecessor Fallout 3. But, and this is a strong "but" Fallout: New Vegas is still one ugly ass glitch filled mess at times. Fallout 3 for PS3 suffered from pop-ups, terrible textures, piss poor sound and the game freezes more than hobos in Alaska. I had to reset my game at "least 10 times" and that's no bull and not to mention totally unacceptable. (Finished Fallout 3 for Sony PS3 videogame console 3 weeks ago)

So far I've only had to reset my game in Fallout: NV once, which is still unacceptable in this day and age. There is one thing I have to get off my chest. It pisses me off that making a strong multiplatform game on PS3 and Xbox 360 seems to be the holy-grail of gaming.

 Things that has changes for the Good in Fallout: New Vegas

-There is actual environmental music that raise as the tension do.  This tends to help with the overall immersion. On the other hand, in Fallout 3, if you where not listening to GNR or any other station, the only thing you heard where footsteps in the dark. 

-Most of the side quest so far has something to do with the main story and do not just feel like tack on quest to help extend game play snd give you mundane shit to do..

-Fallout new universe is larger than the previous.  With about twice as much to find and explore.  The previous Fallout had a total of 100 location to find without any DLC.  Fallout: NV has a total of 150 new places to discover.

-Fallout : NV story seems better so far, there happens to be a little more intrigue.  You start Fallout: NV as a courier who was shot in the head and left in a hollow grave to die.  But guess what? You did not die and now it's time to find the nasty son of a bitch that did you dirty.

-The voice acting is slightly better not saying that the voice acting in Fallout 3 was any good.  There seems to be more of an Shakespearean effort this time around. 

-They are ton's of side-quest to complete and it will take you far longer to level up to the max this time around.. The previous Fallout, I maxed out my XP about 85% into the game and that somewhat slighted my experience towards the end(not to mention the ending of Fallout 3 was the worst). 

Thing that makes me say WTF?!? in Fallout: New Vegas

please note: there is no sex with scorpions in Fallout: NV
-The Geck engine that Bethesda/Obsidian  is a very dated engine and that shit needs to be retired.  It's 2010 and I know many publishers want to save money and use old tech to maximize their profits. But this game suffers bad on PS3. 
So bad at times I almost want to recommend not to buy it.

-The frame rate fucking suffers from the most painstaking shutter that makes you want to scream.  Not only does the game at time literally "Hiccup;s" it's slows down to almost a dead halt. The best way to explain it; is when you're walking "everywhere" the screen feels like it's loading the next section or level in real time with a slight delay. My first time at Crismon Cravan was the worst.  The game took about 8 mins to load the level.  Once the level was loaded the frame rate dropped to about 15FPS.  This was the fist place I had to reset my game. 

-Fallout 3 for PS3, for some strange reason love's to have your foes stuck in walls, stones, bridges pillars and sometimes in mid-air. Making them easy pickings.  Now believe it or not the same shit happens in "New Vegas" . This time around it is not as bad in Fallout: New Vegas, only counted three NPC glitches so far.  I was stuck in a wall(Vault 22) and behind a door without the ability to move. Again unacceptable, this is something I expect in 1999 on PS2 or Gamecube.  Come on people we are in the "future"

-I am not sure which game has the more retarded or highly uneducated enemies Bullet Witch or Fallout: New Vegas.  Enemy AI is completely absent-I guess Bethesda/Obsidian did not want to use any unnecessary processing power.  Enemy AI only knows to attack you head on.  There are no tactics, no sense of self preservation no challenge.

24hrs later, 9 total quest in and a level 10 Observer Fallout: New Vegas has made positive strides over it's predecessor.  But in my opinion this is a tough choice to say if you should buy this game. One of the main reason are the technical failures of Fallout: NV using the Geck game engine.  It is so bad on the PS3 it's fucking sad almost comical. 

"A PATCH!!!!!!"Fuck a patch(unless you are trying to quit smoking).  There should not be a patch for a game( less than two weeks later) that has received this much hype and attention from an established developer. Xbox 360 owners have seen a patch on the behalf of PS3 owners we have not "this game still feels broken almost in worst shape".  

Last Word: What kills me my PS3 can run Uncharted 2, Killzone 3 in 3D and Infamous just to name a few.  But for some because of the "the financial bottom line" my PS3 cannot run Fallout: New Vegas in a technical sound manner.  Fallout: New Vegas chugs slower than a one legged fat lady, racing a marathon with a barrel of molasses. If you own a Xbox 360 buy it, it has to be better than the PS3 version.  If you own a PS3 please wait until all the "TechFails" are worked out.


Brian said...

Try a PC, both Fallout 3 and New Vegas work great on there.

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