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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hydro Engine Reveal for Microsoft 360

There is a little known company called Blade Interactive Studios working on a promising new game called Hydrophobia. Hydrophobia will make last years mega hit Bioshock water effects look a little dated.

Hydrophobia utilises InfiniteWorldsGCS and HydroEngine to deliver unique gaming experience base around heavly around water. Unlike BioShock, Hydrophobia will use water as the main driving force of the game. For example there will be puzzles based around water physics. The water physic will play an extremly important role for you to advance.

The story centers around a young woman name Kate who is Hydrophobic since she was 13 years old. Kate is an engineer by trade and Blade has promise a very multidimensinal character. The story starts about 16 years into the future and Kate has Security detail on a mega ship called the Queen of the World.

The Queen of the World is a a large floating city with the most expensive property on the planet raging from $250 million to several billions. There is no tax and no legislative controls only the uber rich runs the show. Because of the wealth and no legislative controls many business have established themselves on board away from prying eyes.

One such business(que dramatic music) is a company called NanoCell(no relation to NanoGeek)they are in the business of engineering nano robotic. In most countries nano technology is closely regulated, but on the "Queen" you guess it "no one ask questions". On the surface NanoCell is looking to purify water at the molecular level. Their company goal is to make the "deserts of the world bloom"

Taking a que from everday cliches, a terrorist group called Neo-Malthusians whose ideologies are based on the 19th century political economist Thomas Malthus. They beleive in a smaller global population. They would rather have a half a billion people versus 12 billion. They see the Queen of the World and NanoCell as an repugant blight on society that needs to be destroyed by all costs.

Check out tech Video:

Could these pics be a BioShock Killer?


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