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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Insider: PS3 With Larger HDD and DualShock 3 Inbound

There has been rumblings online that Best Buy released a memo indicating that the 80GB PlayStation 3 would be discontinued from the retailer's supply. This means another one bites the dust. When the Sony PlayStation was originally introduced there was a 20GB and 60GB models, both was eventually discontinued in 2007. They were replaced by the 80GB sku with reduced PS2 backwards compatible functionality and finally the 40GB sku that was release just in time for the holidays with a discounted price.

According to, we can expect a 120GB or maybe 160GB Sony PalyStation 3 with Dual Shock Controllers just in time for the holiday season of 2008.

FYI: you can install any notebook 2.5" sata HDD to your Sony PlayStation 3.
How to Video:Install any HDD to your Sony PlayStation 3


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