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Saturday, January 12, 2008

PSM3 Reviews: Devil May Cry 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Burnout Paradise

Here are the reviews from the latest copy of UK mag PSM3.

Devil May Cry 4
: 80%. Impossible to recomment to everyone, but the purest expression of the series' yet

Unreal Tournament 3: 85%. Not one for loners, but a technical tour de force - one of the sharpest shooters on PS3.

Burnout Paradise: 89%. Flawed in structure but magnificent to play, Paradise is within touchin distance of vital.

Gran Tourismo 5
prologue (Japan Import): 82%. Other racers are greater value for money, but this is an invaluable glimpse at GT's future.

Turok: 71%. A decent shooter, but fails to capture the series' classic feel due to lack of fresh ideas.

Time Crisis 4
: 43%. It has a certain nostalgia, but this fails to entertain long enough to demand a purchase.

The Club: 72%. Perfect if you're after a no-brainer - just don't expect the novelty to last long.

Soldier Of Fortune: Payback: 62%. Ignore and this is an average shooter.


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