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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rediscover the Joy of Boxing With FaceBreaker for the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft 360

EA Sports with the help of EA Canda will be bring a new Arcade Boxing game to the Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft 360, and the Nintendo Wii called FaceBreaker.

This will be an all new franchise for EA Sports. EA SPORTS™ is the leading interactive sports software brand in the world, with top-selling titles and franchises including Madden NFL Football, FIFA Soccer, NHL® hockey, NBA LIVE basketball, NCAA® Football, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® and NASCAR® racing.

According to Petter Moore “FaceBreaker reinvigorates one of the great genres in sports videogames. Arcade boxing takes me back to my roots in this industry, and this game signals our shift to adding more approachable fun to our product lineup. In no time at all, you’ll be picking up the controllers and knocking your opponent around the ring, smashing faces, and having a riot.”

Rather than use real boxers, the developers created fictional characters such as Romeo, "a Latin lover known for his pelvic thrusts," and Molotov, "an oversized Russian demolitions expert with a penchant for fighting dirty." Players will also be able to use the Game Face technology seen in games like Tiger Woods to transfer personal photos and make themselves into characters in the game.

FaceBreaker looks like a cross between Ready to Rumble and Team Fortress.

For more information, log onto on February 1. Media can find a screenshot of the game at


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