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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rumorang: Duke Nukem on XBLA in 'next several months'

by Christopher Grant Jan 15th 2008 1:28PM

After six long years, the team at 3D Realms finally broke their silence last month, showing off a short – and by many opinions, disappointing – teaser for Duke Nukem Forever. Though we're all well aware DNF isn't close to being released, rumor has it (again and again) that Duke Nukem 3D will resurrect the franchise on Xbox Live Arcade so the title's core audience, who were parking their bricks in a pair of Pull-Ons ten years ago, can learn what The Duke is all about.

Here's the details: sources close to developer 3D Realms told IGN that DN3D is scheduled to appear on Xbox Live Arcade "within the next several months" featuring four-player online co-op and eight-player online deathmatch. If true, this would be the first 3D Realms-developed game to ship since ... well, the original Duke Nukem 3D in 1996. Okay, there was also the strangely offensive Shadow Warrior in 1997, but we'd just as soon like to forget about that ...


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