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Monday, January 14, 2008

This is why the Nintendo Wii may die an Early Death

The biggest flaw that hangs around the neck of the Nintendo Wii is the fact that a lot of companies are not truly investing the time and true resources to make a quailty game on the Wii. They are many games currently out that where pushed out to capitalize on the unexpected surge the Wii made when it enter the market.

An example of this is:

Far Cry Vengeance

GT Pro Series

Rapala Tournament Fishing!

Ninjabread Man

The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific

Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing Review

Mini Desktop Racing

Offroad Extreme! Special Edition Review

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Everyone of these games are pure unaldutarated garbbage. Each one of these games has an average score of under 3.
My theory is by making any game for the Nintendo Wii or the DS and you will rack in the dough. The cost to pruduce a game is not as steep as the "other two". Development is very quick , so from concept to consumer is quicker than most games.

Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer of Majesco Entertainment, said, "In 2007 we continued to execute on our strategy. We made substantial operating and financial progress, laying the groundwork for continued growth and improved profitability in the year ahead. We successfully implemented our mass-market casual game strategy, as we published 19 games in 2007 including 13 for the DS and our first two Wii games. We streamlined our operations and reduced expenses.

For the full year, financing and factoring costs were down 35 percent, facilitated by our additional capital. We improved our gross margins by 420 basis points to 33.9 percent, reduced our non-GAAP operating loss for the year by $6.5 million, or 84 percent, and made substantial progress in moving toward profitability. With this improved efficiency and the additional capital from our recent equity financing, we are well- positioned for growth in 2008 and 2009."

We enter 2008 with positive momentum and remain committed to executing on our business plan while maintaining a disciplined financial approach," continued Sutton. "Our relationships with the nation's major retailers are solid and we are on track in expanding our product line.

Further, the launch of our new studio will allow us to gradually and prudently build a library of valuable intellectual property. Our balance sheet is much improved, reflecting our 2007 financing, as well as our efforts to reduce liabilities and lower our overall cost of capital. With our focused strategy and improved financial position, we are well positioned to capitalize on the continued growth of the casual gaming market."

So if you want to be a millionare forget American Idol or even PowerBall. It will be more in the realm of reality if you just mad a crappy Wii game instead.


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