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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Demo shows UI, PSP integration in PlayTV for the PS3

By NanoGeek

Sony has been struggling with its PSP since its inception. The Sony PSP has gain momentum just like its big brother the Sony Playstation 3. Europe will be getting a little adrenaline shot with a very neat product called PlayTV. The device features two high-resolution tuners and allows you to use your Sony Playstation 3 as a DVR and also use your Sony PSP to commucate with your Sony Playstation 3 to record a show or to watch your content fro any WiFi connection.

Do not expect to see this anytime soon here in the US. The biggest hurdle Sony will face implementing this service here is that European television uses Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial(DVB-T) format. United States uses ATSC, which Sony is choosing not to support at the present time. Sony's Phil Harrison said that once terrestrial digital braodcasting comes to the US we might get a chance to experience PlayTV.

PlayTV Demo


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