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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Games Fact or Fiction: 101

5. Earthworm Jim can still be relevant in this day and age.

Mathew Sforcina: Fact

But only if Shiny gets its hands back on it and sticks to the run and shoot/bizarre humor of the originals, and makes it an XBLA or WiiWare game. If they try to "update" it, it'll fail. Stick to nostalgia at first, then start it back up again, and everyone's favorite head whipping hero can still be relevant.

Owain Brimfield: Fact

With the right treatment, any character from the gaming days of yore can be made relevant again (with the possible exception of Cool Spot). Jim has a head start on most due to the fact that he holds a place in many gamers' hearts for being one of the few "zany" characters that actually delivered a genuinely original and funny gaming experience. Plus, the cartoon was awesome, as I think we can all agree. While I think Jim should stick to the 2D platforming genre, there's plenty of room for him to expand his talents elsewhere. Provided the execution is right, Earthworm Jim is a hard franchise to cock up.

Score: 3 for 5

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