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Monday, March 10, 2008

Price Cut Coming to Xbox 360 in Europe Today U.S. to Follow Maybe?

By: NanoGeek

The Financial Times Germany is publishing a story that states that Microsoft will be cutting the price for the Xbox 360 Today across Europe.

The Xbox 360 Arcade will be on sale for only 199 Euros($306.00US) instead of 280 Euro. This means that a Xbox360 selling for 199 Euro will be cheaper than a Nintendo Wii by about 50 Euro

The Xbox 360 Elite will also see a price drop to about 299 Euro
($450.00US) from 349 Euro. This means that before the summer is even here we may see a $199.00 Xbox 360 Arcade here in the States.

Microsoft may be feeling the heat from the 10 ton gorilla called Momentum that Sony is steady gathering and the year has just begun.

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