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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ghostbusters Dev Shows more Luv to PS3 Over 360

GhostBusters will benefit more Being on the Sony PS3

If you have been orbiting the outer limits of the earths atmosphere a New Ghostbuster movie and Game is currently in the works. And guess what? Sony Pictures owns the rights to GhostBuster.

As it turns out the team at Terminal Reality has opted to have the Sony PS3 be the lead development platform for GhostBuster the Game. Videogaming247 blog spoke to Terminal Reality president Mark Randell to learn more about one of the all time greatest movie franchise that may live up to be one of the greatest gaming franchise.

Randell also admitted to wanting to "show off the PS3 technology," and if they had made Ghostbusters exclusive to the PS3, it coulda been mighty interesting:

"We�re running the same game for both platforms but if we made a PS3-only game, for example, you could double the amount of objects on screen that you�re seeing. The PlayStation 3 has seven processors and the 360 only has three, so seven versus three means you can do a lot more on the PS3. We�re keeping the game the same over both platforms so we don�t want to take out any features."

Randell goes on to say they "reserved one whole processor on the PS3 for Dolby Digital 5.1 sound," where they had to use only a part of one processor on the 360 to do that. He also reemphasized that they could be doing "a lot more" on screen if the game was PS3-only. All of this is very encouraging news to most PS3 owners, and it seems very likely that the PS3 version of Ghostbusters is going to be the one to get.


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