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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Interview: SCEA's Scott Steinberg on PS3 Momentum

During GDC we sat down with Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at SCEA, to talk about the impact of a Blu-ray victory, the PS3's momentum, controller complexity, reaching the mass market, GTA IV, and more.

GameDaily BIZ: Let's talk about the news, which I'm sure was very encouraging to Sony, namely Toshiba finally saying, "we're out" on HD DVD. So now it's looking like including Blu-ray in the PS3 was a wise choice. How much do you anticipate that news, and the fact that people now know Blu-ray is THE next-gen movie format accelerating PS3 sales?

Scott Steinberg: I think it's huge. I think it's huge for us and it's significant to our competition. I think once the standard battles subside as they have, I think the opportunities for us at retail increase; instead of trying to support two systems and platforms retail now focuses on Blu-ray, both as a video game platform and as a consumer electronics device. The movie studios now get behind Blu-ray and start promoting their movies on Blu-ray and that becomes part of their lingua franca, their manner by which they market. It just winds up escalating the installed base growth. Even if we look at PS2 owners who were on the fence or sidelines waiting, "Do I upgrade? What's with all this Blu-ray? I don't want to buy a dead format" – it gives them every reason to jump into marketplace. So I think it's a huge win and it gives us a lot of momentum and also gives us momentum to stop talking about standards and start talking about games.

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