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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NanoGeekTech "Feed the Geek"

Welcome to NanoGeekTech a source for all things Sony PS3 . The purpose of NanoGeekTech is to educated and provide commentary regarding the progress, achievements, and chronicling the life cycle of one of the greatest Media Medium on the market today from the viewpoint of the "average gamer".

I would take suggestions on relevant topics, invitations to guest write your very own posts on NanoGeekTech please e-mail me at

All reviews written, are base on the gamers opinion. I feel that mass media has tainted game reviews. NanoGeekTech purpose is to provide you with a view of most things PS3 and gaming from a different prospective "the average joe".


Anonymous said...

I actually like the top picture better, but I'll have to say your blog is hot!

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