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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sony will OWN the Console Market By 2010

Here’s a look at GamePro’s list of platform-exclusive titles known to be coming in 2008/2009

At the end of New Years Eve 2009 and the first official day of 2010 will begin an era of transformation of a video game old powerhouse. 2010 will usher in a New Microsoft Game console to replace the current Microsoft Xbox 360. And Sony will again do their Victory Jig of joy and praises for their second major triumph, in two years.

I will be brief in my theories, here is a list of current Games that will be exclusive in 2008-2009 for each console respectively. Take into consideration that they may be games that are secretly in development for both systems that can truly change the Video Game landscape and perception.

Microsoft Xbox 360 has a pretty good list of games on the horizon. They are a few games that I would buy they include: Ninja Gaiden 2, GOW2, Alan Wake, and Fable2. I am very well looking forward to these games. The magical question is "If I did not own a Microsoft Xbox360 and I knew these games are on there way out, would I shell out the Cash to buy a new or used Xbox360 system?" The only game I can see that would make people chalk up the bling is Gear of War 2. Especially if they market the sequel as well as they marketed the original Gear of War.

Xbox 360: Short

  1. Ninja Gaiden 2(System Seller)
  2. Left 4 Dead
  3. Too Human
  4. Gears of War 2 (System Seller)
  5. Fable 2 (System Seller)
  6. Halo Wars
  7. Splinter Cell Conviction
  8. Alan Wake(System Seller)
  9. Banjo Kazooie
  10. Halo Chronicles

Sony is on a gravy train called momentum and the brakes are out, so we better watch out. Howard Stringer probable feels damn good right now with Sony back on the block and relevant again in peoples living rooms. Now one war is over and Blu-ray is now our standard for physical HD media. The slow but meticulous task of having the PS3 take over the world has began.

The Sony PS3 has a great line up for the next 12 to 18 months in addition the PS3 has a Trojan Horse only with time people may come to appreciate it. That Trojan Horse is the fact that the Sony PS3 is an Open system this means I can swap the original hard drive in my Sony PS3 for a 160gig for less than $100.00. I can use the same bluetooth headset for my mobile phone with my Sony PS3. Any keyboard, any mouse and almost any controller with USB can be used for the Sony PS3(Sony PS3 Secrets). Anyone in the gaming public can make maps for COD4 and Unreal Tournament III and have the mass public play them. Open is the new Sexy, just like Free is the new commerce.

PS3: Longer

  1. Gran Turismo 5 (System Seller)
  2. Haze
  3. Metal Gear Solid 4 (System Seller)
  4. Metal Gear Online
  5. Singstar
  6. LittleBigPlanet(System Seller)
  7. Resistance 2 (System Seller)
  8. Killzone 2
  9. Motorstorm 2
  10. SOCOM Confrontation(System Seller)
  11. InFamous
  12. The Agency
  13. Final Fantasy XIII (System Seller)
  14. God of War III (System Seller)
  15. Tekken 6(System Seller)
  16. Twisted Metal(System Seller)

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