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Friday, May 9, 2008

Mirror's Edge Interview has a great interview with DICE's general manager Sean Decker about the upcoming immersive FPS Mirror's Edge.

What did I get out of the Interview:

  • DICE loves the Sony PS3
  • Several years from now the PS3 will shock and awe(Have yet to really tap the power of the PS3)
  • Mirror's Edge may be one cool ass game
  • no 1080p for both consoles only 720p
  • PS3 version will make the 360 version better(you are welcome 360 fanboys)
  • may come out fall 2008 or early 2009(educated guess)

Read Full Interview>>>>

Nano Notes: The Sony PS3 is Hollywood in a black box. Its feel good to hear positive development talk about the Sony PS3. It looks like as more developers utilizes the PS3 as their lead platform of choice it will help the overall gaming community.


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