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Monday, May 5, 2008

Oxford University to profit from GTA IV

GTA IV is officially mainstream with NY Times,Washington Post and about every major newspaper covering arguably one of the most anticipated games in history surpassing the half ass efforts of Halo 3.

Two students Torsten Reil and Colm Massey used research undertaken at Oxford’s Zoology department into human and animal movement to create the Euphoria game engine. The Euphoria game engine is used to created the unparalleled animation throughout liberty city.

Reil and Massey have developed a game engine which eliminates the need for pre-set animations, replacing them with real-time simulations that create more interactive characters. Reil and Massey team up with a university transfer company named Isis Innovation which is a spin off of Oxford University. Isis Innovation companies has a total value of 2 billion euro.

Who can say that Video Games do not teach you anything.


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