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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sony PS3: How to avoid the Toxic Black Box Syndrome!

Video game consoles contain toxic chemicals that would not be allowed in young children's toys, even though technology is already available to eliminate the hazardous materials, according to a study by environmental lobbying group Greenpeace.

Greenpeace analyzed a PlayStation 3, a Wii and an Xbox 360 Elite for its report "Playing Dirty," published Tuesday.

The consoles were all bought in Europe(That has to suck.... the Europeans get there console late in the first place and for an added bonus toxic chemicals) last November. Greenpeace found no evidence of mercury or cadmium, and only found trace amounts of lead and chromium.

After reading this I begun to think............

I came up with 10 things you can do to lessen your chance of going into Shock when playing your Sony PS3 because of the presents of Toxic Chemicals.

  1. Do not in any way lick, suck,kiss, hug or try to ingest your Sony PS3
  2. Please do not and I repeat do not place or insert any body parts into or place them on your Sony PS3 for long period of time.
  3. Do not Sleep naked with your Sony PS3
  4. Do not Shower with your Sony PS3
  5. Do not carry your Sony PS3 around at your side like an Apple iPod or in one hand.
  6. The Sony PS3 is not consider a Sex Toy....better luck with a Xbox360 more vibration and a little nosier so your neighbors would not hear you.
  7. Do not place your Sony PS3 into a crib of a sleeping newborn baby for more than 12 hours.
  8. Do not Lick, suck, kiss, hug or try to ingest your Sony PS3...... please it will be hard with KillZone 2 right around the corner, GTA IV already out and not to mention GOW III.
  9. Do not allow your friends to lick, suck, kiss, hug or try to ingest your Sony PS3
  10. Never, Never, Never play your Sony PS3, Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii all at the the same time.
However, the consoles all contained toxic or undesirable chemicals such as beryllium, found in circuit board contacts; PVC, found in electrical insulation; phthalates, used to soften plastics, and bromine, used as a fire retardant. Phthalates can have an effect on sexual development, especially in males, and some are banned from children's toys and childcare articles, especially if they can be chewed.

****For the love of God if you want to live a long and Healthy Life and eventually play Sony PS12 please follow steps 1-10.


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