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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sony PS3 too expensive? Lets put it in Perspective

If you do not own a Sony PS3 by now shame on you. What are you waiting for? GTA IV is officially out, Blu-ray has won the war for digital media space(seriously)Haze just dropped(I enjoyed the demo I will be renting Haze this evening to see if it sucks ass or if its just propaganda)Uncharted is a charm, COD4 is virtual crack what else are you waiting for?

I will have to agree with you $399.00 plus tax is a lot of money. So lets put this into prospective the normal price for a short brewed coffee at Starbucks is about $1.50, when Dunkin' Donuts 10 ounce coffee runs for $1.39 and McDonalds' 12 ounce premium coffee is $1.07.

  • 266 cups of Starbucks coffee, 287 cups of Dunkin' Donuts, or 373 cups of good Mickey D's coffee is overrate anyways. It boils down to one less cup a coffee a day. Just think you can be entertain with your Sony PS3 365 days a week 24 hours a day for the next ten years for only $399.00

  • Gas, Oil, liquid gold....shit why drive and you can ride Metro. The nations average price of gas as of 5/26/08 is 3.937 per gallon that amounts to 101.35 gallons of gas do you know what kind of carbon footprint that would leave? Plus you can play Grand Turismo 5 and would not have to worry about gas and speeding tickets. With gas prices through the roof you can telecommute and play your New Sony PS3 at home and get paid.

  • If you smoke(not including Crack, Pot, or Crystal Meth) cigarettes the nations average cost of a pack of smokes is $4.63. A New Sony PS3 accounts for a total of 86 packs of cigarettes that is 1,720 total individual cigarettes......why not buy a Sony PS3 instead? Which would you rather have Lung Cancer or MGS4 or maybe both?

  • If Craigs List is the only way you meet your ladies, trying playing GTA IV on Sony PS3 its cheaper. But lets do the math, If you are a frequent user of the List, your average lady cost you about $125 a 1/2 hour. The price of a Sony PS3 amounts to about 3.20 hours of fun with a Craigs List lady, or man or whatever floats your boat. Now you can have your PS3 instead and watch porn on Blu-ray and do not have to worry about STDs or AIDS and play MGS4.
If you plan to keep your Sony PS3 for at least 10 years your total cost at $399.99 accounts to $3.32 per month, about .11cents per day. How many things can you do in Life and truly enjoy for as little as .11cents a day.


MasulsaisRight said...

Expansive? It is great that the PS3 developers keep expanding the capabilities of the PS3 through firmware updates.

But you meant expensive. Dimwit! Learn how to spell! You should be fired for bringing shame to this crappy website.

MasulsaisRight said...


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Phil said...

Hey FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. If you think the blog is so crappy, find somewhere else to get your FUCKING NEWS YOU COCKSUCKING FAGGOT! What's "EXPANSIVE" is my cock in your mouth and what's "EXPENSIVE" is the cost for you to get it removed.

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