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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HD Interactive TV coming to a Sony PS3 near you Very Soon!.

Starting Thursday, Sony online PlayStation Network will begin to sell monthly subcribtions for a new HD show called "Qore" a combo of regular television with video game options.

PS3 owners with high speed internet connection will be able to download "Qore" and will also have ability to use DVR like functions to skip forward or backward with the added ability to use game demos and zoom in on special features.

What is interesting Sony's looks like it is about to take on the cable, satellite and internet companies in an intriguing way. Because if Sony can create a new way to watch shows by adding interactive video game functions to a HD show, that will be taking TV viewing to the next level.

Richard Doherty, director of the Envisioneering Group, a consumer electronic consulting firm said research shows that the PS3 has more HD screens connected than Microsoft Xbox 360.

The monthly "Qore" episodes will include some short commercials(I hope they can be skipped but more than likely no) and they will sell for $2.99 apiece or $24.99 for 13-episode subscription plus a free PSN game will be included with your purchase "Calling all Cars"

FYI: You can also get a chance to part of SOCOM US Navy SEALs Confrontation! public beta by going through Qore™: Presented by PLAYSTATION®Network, SCEA’s new interactive monthly program. It goes up for purchase and download on the PLAYSTATION®Store on June 5th. Subscribers to Qore will get the opportunity to participate in the Public Beta when it’s available.


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