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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NanoGeekTech Eye Candy presents: Batman Arkham Asylum Scans

In the latest issue of Game Informer, all things related to Batman Arkham Asylum for the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox360 was officially release to the world(at least some of you). It looks like the guys at GI got the chance to play the PS3 build because they mention your ability to guide your Batarang using the PS3 sixisis controller.

Rocksteady Studios will be going for a darker and more mature tone with Batman Arkham Asylum, it looks along the lines of Chronicles of Riddick.

Batman Arkham Asylum is being made by Rocksteady Studios is based in Highgate, North London. Rocksteady was founded in 2004, with their first game being Urban Chaos: Riot Response which was a first person shooter released back in May 2006, where you played as an elite member of emergency services that must defend a city against extreme terrorist gangs.

This may be the worlds first great super hero game......or could they screw the pouch on this? They are many comic book hero and villains out there that truly deserves a great gaming experience that has always been floundered by time restraints and licensing conflicts that churns out pure unadulterated "Gar_bage"

Batman Arkham Asylum will be a darker version of Batman, that we are use to seeing... Would it be rated M? With all the time in the world and the ability to be creative with the Batman license how would Rocksteady Studios prevail? Is Sony PS3 the lead platform? Will my fellow Sony heads 2009 will be a great year for a selected few.

Disclaimer: All picture above were scanned from GI without permission.................thank you and goodbye


AnnaTechnician said...

I like the comic-book feel of the scans. I just wish Batman looked a little

Thanks for posting these.

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