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Friday, December 19, 2008

3D Gaming a reality soon on a Sony PS3 near you

Andrew Oliver Chief Technology Officer and Neil Schneider President & CEO of Blitz game Studios has confirm that Sony "Fully intends" to support stereoscopic 3d gaming and Blu-ray for the Sony PS3.

From the looks of this new 3D technology this can be implemented through Sony's infamous firmware updates. According to MTBS3D "The best part is console support will only need a bios to work, and we are told that the ability to add this capability via bios may be unique to Sony PS3 versus other console solutions."

I hope we can see true 3D gaming fall 2009. Can you imagine your Sony AAA exclusives in 3D, how about God Of War III in 3D or the next Ratchet and Clank in 3D. Sony needs to distant itself form the competition and they need to do new and innovative things to build more value. And if 3D gaming can be a reality the value that the Sony PS3 has to offer will be super exceeded.


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