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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Little Big Planet heading toward's Flop Land?

Xbox fanboys rejoice, Little Big Planet Sales does not look too good. I'll have to admit, I am a part of the problem. I have not picked up my copy of LBP yet. I went to my local blockbuster to pick my copy on reserve but they said "too late sucker we have no more copies". So tonight on my way home I will stop at EB games and pick up a copy of Little Big Planet.

Media Molecule's charming, quirky new platformer is struggling more than a one legged prostitute doing the running man(This happens more real life than in Sony's HOME). By the looks of things LBP slow sales show that many of you fanboys/girls prefer blowing shit up and rock music.

Little Big Planet sold a mere 205,000 units in October and that's a little sad people come on its a great game. November was a bigger disappointment LBP was able to sell only 141,000 units and at the same time slip out of NPD top 20.

Only if Sony can try to fucking market LBP it may sell more than the mere 346,000 units. I have seen one LBP commercial and it barley shows the game. Shit if I did not play the Little Big Planet beta I would have not known what the commercial was for.

Now selling 346,00 copies is not a bad feat considering LBP is a new IP, its a little niche and it has a totally new concept for console owners. Now I have a theory why sales of LBP have suffered. I was able to be part of LBP beta and it was a blast. Since I played LBP for one zillion hours when the full retail game came out I felt there was no need to go out and buy right away.

So people please do Sony PS3 owners a favor and show Media Molecule some love so LBP can stay an exclusive and developer can continue to introduce new and original IP. There will only be new IP if the developers know they would sell. So lets prove to the fanboys/girls that LBP is a worthy game to add to your game library. Heck I wonder how many copies would LBP sell if it was on Microsoft Xbox360 also.


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