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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where is the Next Metal Gear going to land!

Will I have to say either Hideo Kojima has one hellva sense of humor or every Sony fanboy biggest fear is about to be a reality. Does the above graphic mean that Metal gear Solid 4 will arriving on Microsoft Xbox360? I would have to say I have no fucking clue, it has the 360 power button but it is not blinking red(LOL)? It also have the symbols for the Nintendo Wii? The URL has MST attached to it could it be "touch" "teaser" "tits"? I have no clue! But damn way to market your game Hideo

And if this has nothing to do with Microsoft 360 how will the legions of 360 fanboys react? I have a strong feeling we not will be seeing MGS4 on the 360. The way Hideo Kojima proclaim that MGS4 could only be done on Sony PS3 and being a self proclaim perfectionist it does not make sense. Now money wise it make sense for MGS4 to come to the Xbox360 to recoup some of the cost involved in developing MGS? But who knows, only the man himself.

I will tell you this much if by some strange reason MGS4 does come to Microsoft Xbox360 this will definitely open the gates to no exclusives anymore and I believe consoles needs exclusives to survive. So we will have to wait and see what happens on December 12th 2009!


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