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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Sony, I want to Love "HOME" but I just Can't!

Maybe it's just me, I was not a fan of the critically acclaim Mass Effect(personally the hype is not justified for this game"my opinion") and the first hour or so of Fallout 3 bored the shit out of me. So you what the hell does this have to do with Sony Home, well absolutely nothing. Just had to get that off my chest.

I have been anticipating Sony's virtual social space Home for the longest time, when I had the oppertunity to finally join the beta I was eager elated and pretty pumped. Now about two plus months later Sony's Home has dropped on PSN and at best, it's a mediocre experience.

I am trying hard maybe too hard to enjoy and see the value in Home. But every time, I boot up my Sony PS3 and hit the Home icon a slight quiver of excitement hits me until I start to explore and interact with Home.

If boredom was to be manifested into a virtual environment it would be called "Home". Yes, there are a few new rooms, Red Bull, Uncharted and Farcry 2. Besides Red Bull, there is no point to the Uncharted Home space and FarCry 2 Home space.

So what else does Sony have planned for "Home" besides EA Sports Complex(sounds interesting)will they do something amazing with firmware update 3.0 or would they milk the "beta title" to justify the mediocrity. At this moment there are a few things wrong with "Home". It lacks most of the features that was promised and it's a virtual bank for Sony(microtranstation anyone). See video below and you be the judge

Where is my trophy room? Where are the third party "Home Spaces"? Can I have the ability to move faster in Home? Could we have faster loading times when traveling to and from different "Home Spaces" The problem with Home for me is it still feels dull and lifeless even with people running around doing the cabbage patch. it feels very "1999"

I know Home is supposed to be a virtual meeting place to meet new people and hang out with your current friends. Most of the people on my friend list does not even know Home exist(they are never "Home"). The virtual stores located in "Home" currently still have the same shit form the beta, nothing new,cool or exciting has yet to emerge.

Where is the ability to take content from my HDD and place it into my personal "Home space"? I know "Home" is a ginormous( I know this is not a work but add it to your vocab) endeavor and will take a while to come to full fruition, but Sony has been fiddling around with "home" for about three years now. And it still feels half ass.

Why not include new content with every new firmware update? Offer new animation for sale(.99) or allow your users to created new content and upload it to "Home". Where is a LittleBigPlanet Space? I would think you can and should be able to incorprate LBP into "Home" in very cool and unique ways. What is Sony waiting for? How about a Metal Gear Solid Space? Sony two biggest titles has no love in "Home" (Besides LBP ads) "WTF"

Sony "Home" has great potential and I hope Sony fulfills on their promise and dreams with "Home", but at the moment "Home" is filled with empty promises and unrealized dreams.


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