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Monday, January 26, 2009

Video Games sales KO DVD/Blu-ray sales in 2008

Video Games outpaced DVD/Blu-ray sales for the first time on a global scale in 2008. According to, Media Control GfK international game sales grew 20% in 2008, to $32 billion. Combined DVD/Blu-ray sales fell 6%, to $29 billion. You can very well bet "your left whatever" that Nintendo had a great hand in the pawange of DVD/Blu-ray.

GfK is also reporting, that game software will grow to 12% this year, to about $36 billion, while DVD and Blu-ray combined will decline another 4%. I will have to say looking at Sony's list of exclusives in 2009 and the cash machine they called the "Wii". It only makes sense that software sales will grow in 2009.

Even though Blu-ray sales may seem like it may be suffering. Blu-ray sales will more than double in 2009 hitting $2.9 billion, according to GkK.


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