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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Killzone 2 sports the best 7.1 digital audio in the industry

Sony's KillZone 2 is right around the corner, receiving good to great reviews and probably the attention of Hollywood. has a very good intervew with Arjan Brusse Development Director and a Guerilla Games founder.

Arjan Brussee, Development Director explains: "We push the PS3 perhaps further than other games. We achieved things I haven't seen in other games. For example, the audio, which is really special. We've got ambient streams. Those are MP3s with 4 or 5.1 channels. We rotate them according to the way you look. So you hear the sound quadraphonic around you. There's also a stereo soundtrack. There are 3D sound effects. There are voices of people who are positioned. We filter sounds with the SPUs. So if a character is talking behind a wall, you hear him very full, than if he is in front of you. We mix it all together and throw it out in 7.1 uncompressed."


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