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Thursday, February 26, 2009

UMD-free Playstation Portable 2 Fall 2009

With Sony recent announcement at SCEA's annual Destination Playstation retail and publisher event about a few blockbusters being release this fall for the PSP 2. This revelation only adds credence to Sony's new push to revive the PSP as a portable entertainment platform and steal some glory form Apple.

Kotaku is reporting, David Perry, chief creative officer at Acclaim is currently has knowledge about existing software that is in development for the PSP 2. Perry also hints about a UMD-Free PSP coming fall 2009. "Perry believe it will be done through digital downloads and direct connect to a computer"

This is a pretty interesting move for Sony, to go all out Digital Distribution for the PSP 2. Currently the Sony PS3 is the only console right now that has fully embraces Digital Distribution through the PlayStation Store. With Apple on the forefront of DD of movies through the Apple store and the iTouch/iPhone helping user in DD for games, Sony may be able to capitalize on the PS3 install base and the PSN as their version of the Apple Store. Is Sony ready to take on Apple iTouch and the Nintendo DSi this Fall? How would the big game shops accept a gaming device without physical media? Would the PSP 2 be B/C?


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