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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on Killzone 2 Issues

Just got my hands on KillZone 2 finally yesterday and it's a amazing experience. I have not played any MP games yet, but there seems to be some minor issues that the good guys at Guerilla Games are hard at work to fix. Seb Downie, the Producer over at Guerilla Games made an official update on some of Killzone 2’s issues.

“This is a temporary solution to the complaints regarding the cheaters. We will come up with a more suitable and elegant solution which will require a little time to be implemented, tested and deployed, so we ask you to be patient and remain calm. The patch you will have downloaded should have disabled the bots from the game creation screen and set them to zero in your custom game.

As for the people who have already ‘padded’ their stats, we’ll have to talk to the online mods and get their take on it. No decisions made yet.”

Stats Wipe
“We will not be wiping the stats completely. The game servers have been up for a number of weeks now and more than 220000 stats have been posted. I think we would be in quite a bit of trouble if we wiped those now”
“ has been battered quite a bit the past 2 days. More than we anticipated that it would and we’re busy getting it back on its feet. It will be back up and running full-time soon enough.”

“We’re watching the forums very carefully and recording any complaints, network errors and as much as the feedback as we can, but the traffic is so massive that we cannot answer all your questions and respond to all of your concerns. We are continuing to look at the complaints of controller issues, network errors and suggestions on improving the game as a whole. Some of these things can be solved quickly and some will take longer term solutions. Any changes will require development, extensive testing and integration so we don’t take any steps backwards, but we’re getting there and we’ll continue to improve the game for a while yet. So stay calm, watch this space and let us go and sort these things out for you.

Its been a long wait and expectations are high, but we had a great launch and its only going to get better. See you folks online shortly.”


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