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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Does KillZone 2 offer the best online MP Experience?

Killzone 2 has been released into the wild to great reviews and huge sales. Guerilla Games mega hit has been hail as the graphic champ so far this generation with fanboies around the world shutting down servers(I have never experience any issues with the servers) by putting ungodly amount of hours into online MP. Many non-PS3 owners out there may be in a perplexed state of mind about how good is online MP in KillZone 2?...can it compete with Halo? Is Call of Duty 4/5 better than KillZone 2? What is all the hype about?

KillZone 2 online MP has officially shown developer around the industry that you can have spectacular graphic fidelity along side with no lag. KZ2 online MP maxes out at 32 players total online. What has overwhelm me about Guerilla Games brainchild is how GG was able to get as much chaos onscreen with absolutely no lag. I've read an article mentioning that they were server issues with KillZone 2 at the beginning, I personally have own the game since day one and have yet to experience any sort of LAG.

Besides having great dedicated servers, what KZ2 does that the rest has failed to do is translate single player campaign graphics to online MP. KillZone 2 looks just as good online as it does offline. There is more physics taking place online than any other game I have played so far this generation.

Not only the spectacular graphics that makes KillZone 2 so special, intense sound design and no lag issues, where KillZone 2 excels is in the statistics department. Your campaign has it's own stats and so does online MP. Being able to track almost everything:

-General Stats
-Kill ratio
-Kills per hour
-Team Kills

-Game Statistics
-Games played
-Games Won
-Games won
-Games Draw
-Games played as ISA
-Games played as HGH

-Mission statistics
-Capture and Hold Points
-Search and Retrieve points
-Search and Destroy points
-Body count points
-Assassination points

That's just a few of the stats you can track, there is your Campaign stats & unlockables and all of this can be access from Many may dislike the fact that you have to unlock a fair amount of ribbons to level up in MP. But this ensure you put tons of hours into online MP to compete with everyone else.

So why is KillZone 2 the best online MP experience out there you ask, is it how polished the games plays, the spectacular graphics during online play, no LAG when there is pure and utter chaos being displayed or the need to continue to level up to be competitive. It's all of the above, Guerilla Games have put $30 million and endless amount of man hours into making KillZone 2 the best online MP experience out there money can buy and it screams in every facet of this excellent FPS.


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