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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Best FREE Dynamic Theme for your PS3

With the recent firmware 3.0 update for the PS3, Sony added some new super premium themes also known as; Dynamic Theme, these themes usually cost $2.99USD/1.59EURO a little pricey if you ask me. Now what makes Dynamic Themes different and special they are in full high resolution 3D and involves some sort of motion giving a pseudo 3D effect without the glasses.

I am not sure if they're worth a full three bones yet but they are some that is worth the free download. Now if you have happen to set up all three regional accounts for your PS3, you can get a free theme from all PSN regions except the US.

The US received, PAIN,PixelJunk and LittleBigPlanet featuring Sony's new adorable mascot Sackboy running around on a LittlePlanet, I drop the three dollars to check it out LittleBigPlanet of course. Not bad, I still think Dynamic Themes are not worth $3. If there were minor to advance interaction between you and the theme by way of the Sony Sixaxis Controllers then Dynamic Themes may be worth it.(Can we see this coming in the near future?)

The land of the raising sun receives a herd a zebras roaming around eating grass and getting very close to the screen almost to see what your doing. This theme is a tribute to Afrika the Sony PS3 exclusive which will be here stateside before year end.

Finally our friends across the pond in England gets a Wipeout HD fury theme. This is the coolest and most engaging theme Sonys offers by far and it's FREE. The Wipeout HD fury theme is basically a Wipeout HD hovercraft being tested in a lab, I swear, if this was in True HD 3D, I would piss on myself it's cool as shit. Do yourself a favor and create an EU Sony PSN account and download this Wipeout HD fury theme right away plus it's free.

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