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Monday, September 14, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Could Move 500K+ PS3s In Japan

Will it's no surprise that the PS3 slim has been selling like a dream around the world and especially in Japan. With Sony selling 150,000 PS3 in the first week coinciding with the release of a new Gundam Game.

Enterbrain prez Hirokazu Hamamura said at today's Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan that he expects the PS3 to sell around 500,000 units over the year end sales period.

Square Enix and Sony's plans for a PS3 bundle with Final Fantasy XIII packed in is sure to help that number, which, for the record, would represent about 15% of the PS3's sales to date in Japan.

Final Fantasy XIII will ship on December 17th in Japan, a date just recently confirmed by PlayStation supreme commander Kaz Hirai.


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