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Monday, September 14, 2009

Nintendo Wii Price Drop Coming Soon

During the month of August, the internet was increasingly dominated by leaked retail flyers showing console price drops. Or, at least it was until Sony unveiled the $299 PlayStation 3 Slim on August 18 and Microsoft announced the $299 Xbox 360 Elite on August 26, confirming the leaks.

With the PS3 and 360 Elite now just $50 more than the Wii and with Nintendo experiencing their first sale slump, analysts have been predicting that it isn't a question of if Nintendo will drop its console's price, but when it will. The answer to that question may have been solved today, when Kotaku reported it had obtained an advance copy of a Toys R Us flyer (pictured) which will be included in newspapers starting on Sunday, September 27. In the retailer's distinctive font, the flyer declares "Wii Price Cut! $199.99 (Was $249.99).


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