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Monday, September 21, 2009

PS3 Exclusive Uncharted 2: "The Perfect Game"

Uncharted for the PS3 is still one of the best games this generation. It shown off the awesome power of the PS3 Cell and shown that a game can be a movie like experience. On October 13th Naughty Dog will be releasing Uncharted 2 to the world of eagerly awaiting fanboys.

Judging by the early reviews around the net, Uncharted may be shaping up to be the best game to debut on any major home console. GamesRadar hands the PS3 exclusive a 10/10 score.

"So finally, Sony get its long-awaited killer-app," beams GamesRadar's Uncharted 2 review. "And what a beauty it is. Uncharted 2 not only sets benchmarks for visuals (the lighting effects alone are stunning), story and sheer fun, but it also sets a worryingly high target for all that follow it to match. Simply put, Uncharted 2 is a reason to own a PS3."

The US Official PlayStation Magazine agrees, calling it "this season's biggest PS3 victory", before slapping another 10/10 score on Drake's review record. writes "Really, you just wanted to know how good it is, and fortunately I can say that it's very, very good. It's easily one of the best games on the system, blending fantastic presentation and visuals with gameplay that is practically second to none. And then there's the stellar multiplayer which you'll probably be playing until Uncharted 3 ships. No, Uncharted 2 is not perfect, but it's closer than pretty much any other game out there these days."

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