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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sony bringing extreme ZOOM to PS3 and PSP

Sony will be providing some very cool technology to developers to use for the PS3 in the near future. Gigapan has started the incredible super high resolution movement with imagery that our feeble minds cannot comprehend.

Sony will be jumping onto the bandwagon to capture stunning images at gigapixel resolution. But providing the same sort of effect by linking multiple documents and items together and allowing you to zoom from one to the next. The video after the break shows a number of demonstrations, including what looks to be a release calendar that, inside each cell, contains high-resolution photos and even videos of whatever is releasing that day.

Also demo'd is a new voice recognition library for the PS3, dubbed PS3VR which is currently featured in SingStar. Sony PS3VR will be able to understand about twenty different languages. With extreme zoom, facial recognition, voice recognition and 3D right around the corner Sony may be able to finally capture some of their magic back.



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