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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where is Natal?

From the look of things Sony is marching head on with the release of the New Motion Controllers due to arrive Spring 2010. They have released a list of games that will be debuting along side plus we got a chance to see what the official product looks like.

With Sony currently driving and riding the motion control bandwagon, what is very surprising is the lack of any news from Microsoft in reference to Natal. Just to refresh you, in case you've happen live on the other side of the moon for the past 12 months. Natal is Microsoft's foray into motion control made possible buy the purchase of Israel-based 3DV, IDB Holding Corporation's Elron Electronic Industries and its subsidiary, Rafael Development Corporation.

Natal's claim to fame is the ability to do away with any type of controller and the player be the controller. Beside a spectacular staged demo at this year E3 we have not heard anything else from Microsoft about Natal. The last bit of news we heard about Natal was, EA will be holding off “Grand Slam Tennis” so it can benefit form the freedom of motion controls. So we know for sure there is one game confirm for Natal and that is "Grand Slam Tennis".

My biggest concern about Natal, is the lack of news, no R&D videos, no organized leaks, no nothing. Does this tech work? Is Microsoft positioning Natal as an all new game system all together? What games are in the works for Natal? Is Alan Wake a Natal Lunch title? And most importantly does the tech do what it says it does? Only time will tell--we will have to wait and see. What are your thoughts?

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