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Saturday, October 17, 2009

250GB PS3 Slim Now Available for Pre-Order in November

SCEA has officially announced a stand-alone (not part of a bundle) 250GB PS3 Slim model. This latest PS3 SKU more than doubles the storage capacity over the $299 120GB PS3 Model, and for only $50 more.

One day following the 250GB PS3 Slim’s announcement, it’s already become available for pre-order at least one major online retailer.

The world’s largest online retailer, has begun accepting pre-orders for the upcoming 250GB PS3 Slim. Releasing November 3rd, the 250GB PS3 Slim is priced competitively at $349.99. This latest PS3 model will help keep up Sony’s momentum since it released the 120GB PS3 Slim back in early September.

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