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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Resistance 3 Invading PS3 Soon

Insomniac Games, one of the premiere developers in the industry--looks like they are planning Sgt. Nathan Hale's, third tour on the PS3. Insomniac Games has had a great and celebrated start on one of the most complex gaming systems in the world. They were able to create the current masterpieces Resistance 1 & 2 and the much loved Ratchet and Clank series for the PS3.

The billboard was spotted by forum user “goldsoundz” from the site NeoGAF, who went on to say:

“I saw this billboard today in Shreveport, Louisiana. There are a lot of movies filmed here, and this one is about some sort of alien takeover of Los Angeles; the name of the film escapes me at the moment. Snapped off a few photos of the billboard since I wasn’t sure if the game had been announced yet or not. If not, then I’m surprised Insomniac would be announcing it here of all places.”

Do not know the legitimacy of the Billboard and Sony has not officially announce anything but it's not inconceivable with the recent surge in sales for the PS3 Slim(and if you had a chance to play Resistance 2 the ending points to a Resistance 3). And Ratchet and Clank:A Crack in Time scheduled for an October 27th release.

Insomniac Games would not just sit around Bo-jangling with 2010 shaping up to be very important year for Sony--with great franchise releases planed, for example: God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, FFXIII, Team ICO's new Project, The Agent just to name a few. Why not throw Resistance 3 into the mixed just chalk this up as a rumor for now now stay tune to Video Gamer's Heaven for more information.

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