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Friday, October 9, 2009

Sony and Google teaming up?

Can we see Sony and Google join forces to produce PS3 Apps.

We already know that Google is committed to taking over the world---old news there, Sony on the other hand wants to take over our living rooms. With Google now a house hold name and Sony finally making head way with the PS3 in terms of sales, Sony wants to amend the playing field.

BusinessWeek reports Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer's recent reshuffle of the company's top brass, and how keen the new blood are on integrating with open source technology.

Kenji Hall gives some examples of the growing relationship Sony are growing with Google; "It's the first PC maker to sell machines pre-loaded with the search giant's Chrome Web browser; the Sony Reader will be able to download e-books in a format backed by Google; and Sony Ericsson cell phones will use Google's Android operating system."

Hall admits that because of the tie-ups Sony are keen to introduce, Google may reciprocate with particular integrations and other offerings, with executives being invited to Sony's Tokyo pad for discussions on a closer relationship. One of the things being talked about is to "let Google and others create applications for its PlayStation 3 game console".

Implementing Google apps into PS3 can help add to the many interesting features the PS3 currently have pending. Currently PS3 needs the ability to search my 3000 songs I have, either by voice or by Google search. Google Earth would be very interesting. So would a PS3 specific Google Map app that would allow you to see where your frineds are and what they are playing?

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