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Monday, October 5, 2009

TDK Unveils New 320GB 10-Layer Blu-ray Disc

TDK has recently announce a new 10-layer Blu-ray disc capable of 320GB of storage in development. Can you say epic games!

According to TDK: “It is possible to write and read data on and from the disc by using a blue-violet semiconductor laser with an oscillation wavelength of 405nm and an objective lens with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.85, which are currently used for the Blu-ray disc.”

This has been a trend in newer, higher-capacity Blu-Ray discs. Due to the spread of high speed Internet connections everywhere and firmware being written to non-volatile (update-able) chips, it means that our PlayStation 3 consoles may simply be a firmware update away from reading these 10-layer behemoths of Blu-ray discs in theory.

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