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Monday, November 16, 2009

PS3 Leads Japanese Hardware Sales Again

Sony PS3 beating the competition in Japan is becoming a trend if not the norm

A 13,000 increase in weekly sales saw Sony’s home console overtake Nintendo DSi, which took second place ahead of PSP-3000.

Sony’s handheld platform managed to outsell Nintendo’s when taking into account sales of all models, despite the fact that PSPgo sales dropped more than half during the portable’s second week on the market. Sony needs to lower the price of the PSPGo, I really do not understand their logic.

Weekly hardware sales (previous week):

PS3 - 48,925 (36,061)
DSi - 37,421 (37,517)
PSP – 33,784 (34,911)
Wii - 31,810 (28,888)
PSPgo - 13,992 (29,109)
DS Lite - 5,515 (6,902)
Xbox 360 – 4,679 (6,047)
PS2 – 2,066 (1,966)
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