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Monday, November 23, 2009

US forces developing 'miniature weapons' for killer robots

Every one loves a robot, from the lovable robot from the Jetsons to the evil and ruthless Terminator. The US Army will be developing miniature weapons for killer robots to use in urban combat, so from the looks of things, the future holds tremendous promise for robots that kill and destroy.

Weaponry and aerospace giant Boeing was elated to announce that it had bagged an initial $0.5m deal to look into ideas, which will lead on into another $6.5m of work if the scheme moves forward.

The US armed forces already has a legion of aerial robots that is currently deployed around the world. These Drones are great for Modern Warfare, except for urban combat. Urban combat get's tricky when your target is surrounding by collateral damage.

"The concept behind this technology is designed to generate very low collateral damage," says Boeing exec Carl Avila. "[It] allows warfighters to engage a variety of targets, including those in a suburban terrain environment."

The "miniature weapons" deal from the US Air Force Research Lab, under which Boeing's "Phantom Works" advanced-tech shop will produce something a bit more suitable to counter-insurgency work.
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