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Friday, December 4, 2009

Universal is going to release DVD-BD combos in the US

Universal is planning to sell DVD-BD combos, beginning with the Bourne trilogy, they are pitching a method that will allow a purchaser to buy Blu-ray even if they lack a player. They watch the DVD version now and then the HD incarnation down the line when they've upgraded their hardware.

In theory this should help future blu-ray player sales. Consumers that own both a Blu-ray player and DVD player may see tremendous value, for example if you have a blu-ray player in the living room and the DVD player in the bedroom, Universal maybe on to something.

Universal will be pricing the Blu-ray Combos above the current prices of Blu-rays, but retailers may reduce the prices to to match the cheaper blu-rays. So in a sense, you may be able to purchase a Blu-ray and get either a very cheap DVD or free DVD.
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