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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trophies for Watching TV, I think I'm in

Sony's newly announced Torne Digital recording device for the PS3 in Japan may get the PSN Trophies treatment for watching your favorite show. trone debut to some mighty good reviews and impressions. Sony Computer Entertainment's hardware planner, Kiyoto Shibuya has shed some light. The idea that Torne was build around was to create a DVR that mimicked the PS3 in as many ways as possible. those Japanese get to have all the fun, I'm officially jealous after watching the video after the jump.

According to Shibuya: "Devices like these tend to be these complex multipurpose things, but a lot of sets are just too multipurpose for their own good," Shibuya said. "We built this from the ground up to be a uniquely PlayStation product, and I think the results show that limiting your feature set can be a good thing."

The most interesting part of Torne, however, seems to be rumblings about the trophy system Sony has been working on. According to Shibuya, "It's compatible with the PS3 trophy system, and you can get trophies for things like watching final episodes from a lot of TV series, for example." If 24 is your show you may be able to snag a Platinum Trophy for watching all 8 seasons.

You will able to score a Sony Torne if your a lucky resident of Japan March 2010.

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