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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Demo Impressions.

The Good news is Mass Effect 2 and 3 will finally find it's way onto the Sony PS3. The bad news Sony PS3 owners will never be able to play the original Mass Effect on their beloved black box.

More good news, Mass Effect 2 will be using an the same new graphic engine that will be used in Mass Effect 3. [Full Discloser] I have never been a fan of the Mass Effect universe. I play the original on Xbox 360 and never got into it. I will admit I may be only a handful of people in the world that really did not like the original Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 2 is currently available for download on the PSN, as I write this. I had a chance to play through the demo and I have to say it was pretty impressive. First off Mass Effect 2, does not look as old as the original, it looks superior. I was genuinely impress by the way the new graphic engine for ME 2 flexed it's power.

I was happy to see that the game played better then it's predecessor, Commander Shepherd did not feel clunky and slow.  And the animation seem far more fluid and easy on the eye.

Just in the beginning of the demo there is a brief moment of awe. You go from running through a heavily damaged Normandy, to a blown out portion of the shipped where it's just you, a gapping hole and a beautiful shoot of a celestial body with only the gentle whispers of space.

So far Mass Effect 2, does not look like it may suffer from the same "multi-platform curse" that many PS3 multi-platform games have succumbed to in the past.  I'm looking at you Half-Life 2, Fallout & Fallout: New Vegas and our favorite Call of Duty: Black Ops.  But again this is a demo and not the final product, so in theory Bioware still can screw the pooch. Just let's cross our fingers and hope this will not be the case.

During my play-through, I did notice that Mass Effect 2 could be a great showcase for 3D technology.  There are a few scenes that screams 3D to help greatly enhance your gaming experience.

With Mass Effect 2 & 3 going multi-platform this is a great move. Bioware will obviously get new fans and help expand their universe to a much deserving audience. I will go on the record and say " I will be getting Mass Effect 2 & 3 day one"  Bioware may have their first convert.


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