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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sony's PS3 PSN Creeping From Red to Black

Microsoft's X-Box Live is a radically different experience from Sony's PSN, first off LIVE is a little more complex and filled with bright vibrant colors.  Sony's PSN is fairly simple with little flair(you can spruce things up with Dynamic Themes).  One of the biggest difference's Sony has used to it's advantage is the fact that the PSN online service is free.  While over there at Redmond, you have to pay as much as $60.00 per year for LIVE on X-box 360.

Microsoft X-box LIVE has been a very successful and profitable venture for Microsoft.  Besides making a shit storm of cash on micro-transactions they have about 40 million people forking over $50-60.00 per year to play against friends and chat.   Sony on the other hand has to pay a price for paradise.  Being that the PSN is free Sony's only source for income came from  micro-transactions and now the newly introduced PSN+($50.00 per month for exclusive beta testing, discount on games and avatars)

Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai recently spoke to Reuters Japan about the current state of the PSN, and he’s optimistic about the future of the service.

According to the report, PSN sales during the 2009 fiscal year added up to 36 billion yen (approx. $434.3 million USD). That number “nearly doubled” in 2010. However, Hirai said “we’re aiming to enter the black during the 2011 fiscal year.” Furthermore, he projected that PSN sales would reach 300 billion yen ($3.6 billion) in the 2012 fiscal year. He cited the number of registered PSN accounts (60 million as of November) as evidence of the service’s growth.


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