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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops Activision billion dollar baby, has been out since November 19th 2010.  It is considered the mainstream gaming media darling, generating ton's of "Ching, Cash, Dinero, Peso" in online advertising revenue.  Every year like Christmas and hunting season a new and fresh version of COD is bound to arrive.  It is destined to set the internet a blaze and hyperventilating pre-pub fanboy's engaging in a virtual guerrilla warfare for console supremacy.

Synopsis:  Call of Duty: Block Ops puts you into the unfortunate boots of SAD/SOG operative Alex Mason, who is strapped to a chair in an interrogation room. You play through Alex Mason's flashbacks, in hope of his interrogators finding key information to save the United States from an impending terrorist attack.  COD:BOs is equivalent to a big budget B-movie. With terrible acting, ton's of F-bombs and lots and lots of explosions, you can clearly tell the audience COD series is geared to.  If you are looking for a serious and moving story arch COD:BOs will leaving you a little upset. If you are looking for five hours of mindless profane action-riddled bullet feast. You will be in for a treat.

Game-Play: If you have played any of the COD series, you will be a instant expert with the controls.  Trayarch has not done any revolutionary with the controls.  They are your standard modes: Single player, Multiplayer and Zombies.  The meat and potatoes of COD:BOs is the online multi-player.  Zombies makes it's way into the series for the first time.  It's fun, but it can get boring and repetitive very quick. Online MP, is slightly revamped with a currency system that was implemented, to allow players to buy weapons, accessories and clothes allowing more personalize customization. Players can gamble with their "COD Points" in a free-for-all based playlist called "Wager Match", which is composed of four game mode adding  a highly addictive component.

Score: B+

Graphics:  Call of Duty: Black Ops is no KillZone 3, the internet crown "Graphic King".  The graphics in COD:BOs is up to this generation standards. They are no "OMFG" moments that PS3 owners have gotten accustomed to from PS3 exclusives. Trayarch did pour on the motion blur, if my life had that much "motion blur" shit I'll be in trouble or have multiple seizures by now.

Score: C+

Sound: The audio fidelity in Call of Duty is usually top-notch.  Every gun sounds like it's real  thing and explosions  gives your sub-woofer a real good work out.  If you have a very good to moderate surround sound system you will be happy and your neighbors mad.

Score: A+

Overall: Call of Duty: Black Ops is a commercial success for every one involved, from developers to main-stream gaming media online site.  The PS3 version of COD:BOs online MP was plague with issues that was later resolved with a few patches. The single player campaign is mediocre at best but we do not purchase COD:BOs for the single player campaign.  MP is where you  will get the  most bang for your buck. Just beware, if you have a propensity to throw your controller in fits of rage, the campers in COD:BOs will not be your friends.

Overall Score: B+

Rent, Purchase or Pawn: Call of Duty: Black Ops is a good fun game that may be worth the time for most people out there that like FPS.  So I will have to recommend that you "Purchase" Call of Duty: Black Ops.


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