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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gun Totting Cats, Armed Camels and Special Ops Rabbits: How Cute

Created by IDA and Studio Anima, this first 20-minute short of a new animated series details the exploits of two rabbit soldiers from Special Force "Cat Shit One" as they infiltrate enemy lines to rescue a hostage.

The computer-generated original series is based on Apocalypse Meow, a three-volume manga series written and illustrated by Motofumi Kobayashi, whose other works include the Psychonauts comic and Panzergrenadier.

Warning: This video may not be appropriate for anyone under 18
Cat Shit One Episode 1 Video
-Make sure to jump to 3:55 on the video to bypass the ad and trailer


K. Joseph said...

This is actually very good....

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