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Sunday, February 27, 2011

'Hellraiser' reboot 'different from the originals'

Writer and director team Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier have claimed that their reboot of the Hellraiser film series will explore new aspects of the Clive Barker novel, rather than simply remaking the original films.

Lussier and Farmer, best known for the mundane 2009 horror My Bloody Valentine, are currently working on a script for Dimension Films.

"We're keeping it within the world of the box," Lussier explained to Shock Till You Drop. "What the box is and what the box does."

"Clive's film is very personal," Farmer added. "That's a difficult story for us to come in and retell."

Hellraiser has always been one of my favorite horror franchise, it will be very interesting

to see what direction the film goes in.


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