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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PS3 gains HD camera video playback

Sony PS3 is slowly evolving into a machine that only does everything. Sony has announced that the "Filmy" application can now be downloaded by console owners for a mere $5. Filmy lets PS3 owners watch AVCHD videos--better known as the coding standard found in Sony's high-definition cameras--on their consoles

The Filmy application boasts a handful of features beyond its core video-viewer. The coolest of these features is Earth View, a Life with PlayStation-like feature that lets users tag videos using GPS data collected by Sony's video cameras. Thumbnails from the videos are then displayed on a globe in the location in which they were shot.

Filmy also offers a range of search and organization options, including ones that interact with the Earth View function. The application also includes a feature called Digest Play, which is designed to provide an automatically detected highlight reel of videos based on Sony cameras' Face Detection and Smile Shutter technology.

Sounds like a very interesting app for budding filmmakers, the only thing I am wondering would you pay $5 for Filmy?


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