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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Guardian What we Know According to: Famitsu

Famitsu has a four page feature on The Last Guardian. It apparently includes a demo play session along with an interview of Fumito Ueda.  Sony's PS3 exclusive Last Guardian is the most anticipated game this year.

Here's some of the info that has leaked out of the feature:

  • You initially can't communicate with Torico, so he'll quickly fall asleep.
  • Torico can't eat everything. If he eats something he doesn't like, he'll spit it out.
  • The game uses a collision system with similar capabilities to that of Shadow of the Colossus.
  • Even if you're caught by the guards that fill the dungeons, the game doesn't immediately end.
  • Torico may have a life gauge.
  • They're currently looking into the possibility of showing gauges to support the player -- this is one area that Ueda is worrying over.
  • In its impressions of the game, Famitsu commented that it exceeded expectations -- it's real that exceeds real.
  • Torico actions are very detailed -- down to the level of his reacting differently depending on the sound in the area.
  • The game uses a fake language
  • Famitsu commented that the boy main character's movements are also incredible. Ueda responded that when the boy approaches a wall, he will naturally extend his arms out, and as he approaches Torico, he will touch the creature. To show the feeling of existence for the characters, you need to show such actions that make it look like the character himself knows that there's a wall there.

Ueda also talked quite a bit about the game's expressive and physical computation power.

Regarding Team Ico's PS3 remakes, Ueda said that Shadow of the Colossus is amazing when you see it in 3D. For ICO, he said that they're remaking the opening scene.



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